176900 North-Stream-Pipeline Vyborg (RU) – Greifswald (GER)

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North-Stream-Pipeline Vyborg (RU) - Greifswald (GER)

Russland Gazprom UHDE 2011

September 2011 / 2012, „Gas-In“ of North Stream Pipeline: Vyborg (RU) – Greifswald(GER)

Nord Stream is the 1224 km long natural gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea from Vyborg in Russia to Lubmin near Greifswald in Germany. The “GAS-In-Unit” from Uhde, equipped with two Thielmann water bath heaters, was successfully commissioned in September 2011 and September 2012 (pipeline strand 1 + 2).

The Russian Prime Minister, Mr. Putin, as well as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Nord Stream AG and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, were commissioned to commission the gas-in-unit and water-bath heaters.

Thielmann Energietechnik GmbH supplies two 4 MW waterbath heaters in just five months, designed for 220 bar (approx. 35 t per heater without skid). When the pipeline is filled, the gas temperature decreases as a result of the resulting pressure reduction (Joule-Thomson effect) when the gas pipe is opened. This effect is exerted by the heaters by heating the gas and supports the pressure build-up during the “gas-in” process in the “new” pipeline.

Technical Data:
Product Waterbath-Heater
Type VH 29.3300.850.150.200.1
Quantity 2 pcs
Code AD2000 + CE
P design 220 bar
T design -31 to 100°C
Flow rate VN 108.340 Nm³/h
Heat Capacity 4 MW
Weight 35 tons
Specials Delivery in only 5 month.
Nord-Stream-Pipeline Vyborg (RU) - Greifswald (GER)