A shell and tube evaporator from us is an essential piece of equipment for many industries where liquids need to be freed from impurities or the liquid medium needs to be converted into the vapour form. The shell and tube design is a widely used design for evaporators in industry. It is a closed vessel consisting of a shell and an inner tube bundle.

The tube bundle consists of a large number of tubes arranged parallel to each other. As a rule, the heating medium is led through these tubes. The outer jacket serves as a heat exchanger and transfers the heat energy from the heating medium to the liquid in the jacket. This causes the liquid to evaporate and the vapour is discharged from the evaporator through an outlet. On customer request, the medium in the tubes can also be evaporated.

The shell-and-tube design offers several advantages over other designs of evaporator. Firstly, it is very efficient and can evaporate large quantities of liquid quickly and reliably. Secondly, it is easy to maintain and clean, which reduces operating costs and extends the life of the unit.

Another advantage of the shell and tube design is its adaptability. By using different materials for the tube bundle and the shell, the evaporator can be adapted to the specific requirements of the production process. For example, corrosion resistance can be achieved or the evaporator can be designed for use at high temperatures.

A disadvantage of the shell and tube design is the limited size of the evaporator. The larger the evaporator becomes, the more difficult it is to design and assemble the tube bundle and shell. In these cases, other evaporator designs, such as the chain evaporator or forced circulation evaporator, may be a better option.

In summary, the shell-and-tube evaporator is a proven and effective solution for many industrial applications. With its adaptability, efficiency and ease of maintenance, it is an important component in the manufacture of many different products. Companies can benefit from selecting the right evaporator and using environmentally friendly technologies to optimise their production processes while reducing their environmental footprint.

In times of stricter laws and regulations regarding safeguarding requirements for environmental and water protection, GTS Thielmann Energietechnik’s shell and tube evaporators offer themselves as the technology of choice.

Installation reasons for GTS shell-and-tube evaporator VFV

The decisive installation reasons usually result from the following requirements:

  1. Effective heat transfer: A shell and tube evaporator allows effective heat transfer between the evaporating medium and the condensate, as the tube bundle provides a large surface area that maximises heat transfer.
  2. Space-saving: shell-and-tube evaporators have a high heat transfer rate and therefore require less space than other evaporator types, which can be an important advantage when space is limited.
  3. High operational reliability: shell-and-tube evaporators are robust and can operate under extreme conditions such as high pressures and temperatures, which increases their operational reliability.
  4. Low energy consumption: Due to their high heat transfer rate, shell-and-tube evaporators can operate with a lower temperature difference between the evaporating medium and the condensate, resulting in lower energy consumption.
  5. Flexibility: Shell and tube evaporators can be used in various applications, such as refrigeration, chemical industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Easy to maintain: A shell and tube evaporator has a simple design and is easy to maintain. The tubes can be easily removed and cleaned, which facilitates maintenance and extends the life of the evaporator.