2160702 Bandar Abbas

Industrie Project / Location Country Customer Year
Power Plant

Bandar Abbas (IR)

Iran Siemens / EEE 2016

October 2016

In the course of the delivery of the F-Class gas turbine from Siemens to the MAPNA Group in Iran, the company Thielmann Energietechnik GmbH supplies 4 pieces of final filters to the station system builder EEE  Anlagenbau GmbH. The final filter skid, which is completely assembled by the system builder, is used to process the gas for operation of the turbine.

The Iranian Bandar Abbas power plant will have an electrical capacity of around 600 MW and will supply approximately 150,000 households.

Technical Data:
Product Dust-Liquid-Separator (Finalfilter)
Type VSFA-V-PZ 3.700.47.250.1
Quantity 4 pcs
P design 47 bar
T design -10 to 80°C
Flow rate VN 85.850 Nm³/h
Efficiency 99,8 % > 2µm
Weight 2,2 tons