Power-To-Gas: H2-BHKW Haßfurt

Industry Project / Location Country Customer Year
PtG PowerToGas:

2G/Stw. Haßfurt: Haßfurt

Germany Josef Pfaffinger 2019

Cellullar Gas Filter for pressure regulation system in a power-to-gas plant in Haßfurt (Germany) for the extension of a hydrogen combined heat and power plant.

In this application, (100% H2) “hydrogen regenerated from wind power” is used for reconversion in a H2-CHP plant.
The plant will be successfully commissioned in June 2019.

Source: www.stwhas.de/pressemitteilungen; pics: Fa. Josef Pfaffinger Bauunternehmung GmbH

Technical Data:
Product Cellular Gas Filters
Type ZFG DN 25 - PN16
Code DVGW certified
P design 16 bar
T design -10 / + 70 °C
Flow rate VN till 40 m³/h
Efficiency 99,9 % > 1µm