Power-To-Gas: H2-BHKW Haßfurt

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PtG PowerToGas:

2G/Stw. Haßfurt: Haßfurt

GermanyJosef Pfaffinger2019

Cellullar Gas Filter for pressure regulation system in a power-to-gas plant in Haßfurt (Germany) for the extension of a hydrogen combined heat and power plant.
In this application, (100% H2) “hydrogen regenerated from wind power” is used for reconversion in a H2-CHP plant.
The plant will be successfully commissioned in June 2019.

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2160914 GDRM Drohne Nowal (GER)

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GDRM Drohne Nowal (GER)


Gascade Gastransport Gmbh in Kassel is constructing a connecting line NOWAL to enable gas supplies in North-West Germany with H-gas, as well as to supply new gas power plants. Within this framework, a measuring system is being built between the networks of the Gascade and the OGE in Drohne, the station of Drohne Nowal. In the spring of 2017, Thielmann Energietechnik supplies 4 dust-liquid separators. read more …

2160076 PRS Schwandorf & Arresting

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GDRA Schwandorf und Arresting

GermanyOGE Open Grid Europe2016

In the course of the network development plan (NEP), the nationwide expansion of the gas network, the existing GDRA Schwandorf-Neukirchen is optimally optimized for transport and a new GDRA arresting facility is being built. read more …
2160076 GDRA Schwandorf und Arresting

183550 PRMS Malsfeld – Ostheim (GER)

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Malsfeld - Ostheim (GER)

GermanyE.on Mitte2014

The gas pressure control and measuring system is used to relieve the gas to a lower pressure level. Our filters and separators protect the sensitive measuring and control components from the finest dirt and liquid particles. read more …
GDRM Drohne Nowal (GER)