Cellular Gas Filters for Hydrogen application!

In recent years, we confirm that we have supplied our ZFG/ZEFG Cellular Gas Filters from the spherocasting material several times for hydrogen applications. As today, we have not received any negative feedback on these projects.

The functional suitability for use with hydrogen has so far been confirmed by our customers.

The hydrogen content in natural gas is currently limited to < 10% (DVGW worksheet G 260:2013/G 262:2011 ), further requirements of the DVGW regulations on special required additional tests for the use of hydrogen are not available to us at this time.

At an independent institute, we have tested our Cellular Gas Filters of the types ZFG/ZEFG (spherocasting) and VZF/VZEF (aluminum casting) were subjected to a hydrogen emission test based on DIN EN ISO 15848.

The requirements of DIN EN ISO 15848 (max. 50 ppmV leakage) were met and even significantly exceeded.

Based on several years of experience of the use of our Cellular Gas Filters type ZFG/ZEFG for hydrogen as well as the successful emission test of all types, we evaluate our type-tested Cellular Gas Filters type ZFG/ZEFG and type VZF/VZEF as suitable for use in hydrogen plants.

On customer’s request, we are happy to carry out an additional leak test with helium.

We would like to point out that the suitability of the application for operation with natural gas-hydrogen mixtures with a hydrogen content of >10 vol-% up to 100% has to be determined by a risk assessment of the application operator before commissioning.