2160076 PRS Schwandorf & Arresting

Industrie Project / Location Country Customer Year

GDRA Schwandorf und Arresting

Germany OGE Open Grid Europe 2016

In the course of the network development plan (NEP), the nationwide expansion of the gas network, the existing GDRA Schwandorf-Neukirchen is optimally optimized for transport and a new GDRA arresting facility is being built.

Technical Data:
Product Heat Exchanger
Type VEV-L 800.100.600.2
Quantity 4 pc(s)
Code AD + CE
P design 100 bar
T design -10 bis 120°C
Flow rate VN 1.100.000 Nm³/h
Heat Capacity 1.756 kW
Weight 2,8 tons
Specials water side - pressure resistant
2160076 GDRA Schwandorf und Arresting