2160914 GDRM Drohne Nowal (GER)

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GDRM Drohne Nowal (GER)

Germany Gascade 2017

Gascade Gastransport Gmbh in Kassel is constructing a connecting line NOWAL to enable gas supplies in North-West Germany with H-gas, as well as to supply new gas power plants. Within this framework, a measuring system is being built between the networks of the Gascade and the OGE in Drohne, the station of Drohne Nowal operated by Gascade. In the spring of 2017, Thielmann Energietechnik supplies 4 dust-liquid separators.

Technical Data:
Product Dust-Liquid Separator
Type VSFA-H-CV 27.1300.100.500.3
Quantity 4 pcs
Code AD 2000 + CE // BASF
P design 100 bar
T design -20 / + 60 °C
Flow rate VN 550.000 Nm³/h
Efficiency: 99,9 % > 1µm
Weight 12 tons
Specials Safety Factor 1,7
Vane Package with Agglomerator (SS)