Segment Quick Closure, type VSV
special equipment for horizontal filters and separators


  • short maintanance time for cartridge replacement
  • reduced personnel deployment
  • fast opening and closing procedure
  • safety device for decommissioning and commissioning
  • segment closure design
  • combined with davit or lifting device
  • suitable for extreme weather conditions (ice, sand …)
  • additional equipment: weather protection hood (rain cap)


Our safety device forces a so-called forced ventilation to open the device. The lid can only be opened in the following step if the appliance is depressurised. When the apparatus is in operation and pressurized, the safety device ensures that the shutter can not be opened during operation.


We reserve the right to equip only vessels designed by us with our quick closure (Q/C). Our Q/C can not be purchased as a purchased part.

Accessories, Special Equipment


Depending on the size of the Q/C a davit or lifting device is provided. The davit device allows the lid to pivot laterally. The lid does not need to be taken out and stored. In addition, damage to the sealing surfaces by removing the lid is prevented.

Especially with heavy versions and high maintanance platforms, this device simplifies the opening and closing process enormously.

For small designs, a simple lifting device may be sufficient.


For the installation of vessels outdoors we recommend to equip the closure with a weather protection hood. This protects the locking mechanism from the effects of weather and dirt.