177020 Staßfurt (GER)

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Cavern Storage Staßfurt (GER)

Germany RWE Service 2011

April 2011

The Kavernenspeicher Staßfurt in Saxony-Anhalt supplies the transmission network ONTRAS as well as the distribution network of the co-worker.

RWE Gas Storage is expanding the cavern storage in two stages. The company Thielmann Energietechnik supplies 1 piece of heat exchanger for the withdrawal train.

Technical Data:
Product Heat Exchanger
Type VEV 900.11.200.500.2
Quantity 1 pc(s)
Code AD2000 + CE
P design 200 bar
T design -25 to 120°C
Flow rate VN 475.000 Nm³/h
Heat Capacity 9,4 MW
Weight 15,6 tons
Specials Total Height: 7,7m
Straight Tube, vertical
Helium Test @ 6bar / tube welds
Cavern Storage Staßfurt (GER)