Flange calculation acc. DIN EN 1591-1!

Based on the current standard DIN EN 1591-1, this calculation program can be used to calculate integral flanges, welding neck flanges, weld-on flanges, ASME flanges and apparatus flanges in compliance with the specified rules according to the standard.

EU/2016/426 (GAR) für Zellengasfilter zertifiziert

EU/2016/426 (GAR) certified for cellular gas filters


EU Gas Appliance Directive is replaced by EU Gas Appliance Regulation. Product certification acc. to EU/2016/426 (GAR) for cellular gas filters.

he key date 21.04.2018 in accordance with EU Gas Appliance Regulation EU/2016/426 (GAR).

01.09.2015 Company Information

We are pleased to inform you about the changes in ownership at Thielmann Energietechnik GmbH. Through a management buy-out, the company will operate independently of ‘Itron’ from now on. All existing agreements and business commitments remain effective. You are also welcome to contact your trusted partner.