The THIELMANN ENERGIETECHNIK GTS shell and tube evaporator VFV

Shell and tube evaporators from GTS Thielmann Energietechnik offer a high heat transfer rate with a low temperature difference, resulting in efficient evaporation and lower energy consumption. Their robust and flexible design allows them to be used in various applications under extreme conditions.

Flange calculation acc. DIN EN 1591-1!

Based on the current standard DIN EN 1591-1, this calculation program can be used to calculate integral flanges, welding neck flanges, weld-on flanges, ASME flanges and apparatus flanges in compliance with the specified rules according to the standard.

EU/2016/426 (GAR) für Zellengasfilter zertifiziert

EU/2016/426 (GAR) certified for cellular gas filters


EU Gas Appliance Directive is replaced by EU Gas Appliance Regulation. Product certification acc. to EU/2016/426 (GAR) for cellular gas filters.

he key date 21.04.2018 in accordance with EU Gas Appliance Regulation EU/2016/426 (GAR).