Cartridges for Dust Separation

Filter cartridges from GTS Thielmann Energietechnik are designed for use in filter and separation vessels in natural gas and industrial applications. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of separation solutions a wide variety of cartridges with many different filter media. Materials used include needle felts, cellulose papers, polyester, polypropylene, PTFE, PPS, glass fibers and combinations of these materials.

In the field of fine dust separation, the gas is cleaned by means of filter elements. Our filter elements are tested as standard – according to ISO 12103-01 – and demonstrably confirmed in their efficiency, according to the requirements of the internationally valid “Test Aerosol: SAE-Fine Test Dust”.

For special applications we carry and develop filter elements VPZ, ZPZ, SoloTov and DuoTov to achieve performance fulfilling filtration.

Efficiency: up to 99.9 > 1µm

We carry systems for 300°C hot gas, black powder fouling and sour gas applications, among others.

Filter elements for ultra-fine dust filtration