Our products in gas pre-heating

Heat Exchanger make your Gas Systems efficient!

The use of heat exchangers increases the efficiency of your systems. The pre-heating of the gas makes your system pressure-stable and the gas thus transportable.

Most gas installations require compensation for the so-called ‘Joule-Thomson’ effect. With this effect, the gas temperature decreases with a constant flow rate through pressure reduction. Thus, the gas cools down, for example by using pressure reduction systems, by external temperature fluctuations or by flow through long transport lines. If the gas is heated at selected system points pressure stability or gas temperatures are achieved which make a subsequent system component more efficient, e.g. for gas turbines.

Nord Stream

We offer you tube heat exchangers for the heating of gases, saturated steam or water in the range of gas technical systems.

We calculate our heat exchangers optimally for your process. An optimally adapted design saves resources and makes your overall system more economical.