Knock-Out-Drum, Type VKOD


  • Efficient liquid filtration for coarse particles
  • primary filter for pre-separation; scrubber
  • Single-stage, maintenance-free
  • Large liquid condensate collecting chamber
  • Low differential pressure


  • Customer-specific design for other control systems (ASME, EN 13445, SVTI, AS1210, PD5500 etc.)
  • Customer-specific approvals
  • Customer-specific testings
  • Application for sour gas (NACE)
  • Design for low temperature down to -50 ° C
  • Design pressure up to 300 bar
  • Customer-specific nozzle arrangement

Leaflet: E-5061 Knock-Out-Drum / Typ VKOD

Knock-Out-Drum, Type VKOD


The Knock-Out-Drum VKOD is used to clean gas from large liquid particels. The design is carried out as a steel welded construction in vertical construction.


The Knock-Out-Drum is a two-stage separator and filters out coarse mechanical impurities and fine liquid particles from the gas stream. The large condensate collecting chamber can be equipped with a corresponding discharge line without maintenance. The gas flows into the apparatus through the gas inlet and is directed downwards by a 90 ° deflection arc. Here, the gas flow changes the direction upwards and reduces the flow velocity to approx. 1 m / s in the inner free vessel. This flow process prevents coarse mechanical impurities and large liquid drops (up to approx.> 350 μm) due to gravity. Fine liquid particles are coalesced in a downstream droplet separator and filtered off. Coal drops drop due to gravity. In addition, small amounts of solid particles are washed out with a sufficiently large amount of liquid.

Quality management

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified
  • Our standard equipment is tested according to AD 2000 and CE-certified according to the EC / PED 2014/68 / EU pressure equipment directive. The examination is carried out by authorized (TPI) third party inspectors (TÜV, Lloyd’s Register, etc.).
  • Test and material certificates are prepared by the TPI according to the design specification.


on demand

  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Level indicators / control
  • Drainage systems
  • bottom sump heating systems