High Performance Cyclone Separator / Scrubber, Type VZA/VMZA
Single-Cyclone / Multi-Cyclone


  • Efficient dust and liquid filtration for coarse particles
  • primary filter for pre-separation; scrubber
  • single cylcone type VZA
  • multi cylone type VMZA
  • Single-stage, maintenance-free
  • Large dust and liquid sump collection chamber


  • Customer-specific design for other control systems (ASME, EN 13445, SVTI, AS1210, PD5500 etc.)
  • Customer-specific approvals
  • Customer-specific testings
  • Application for sour gas (NACE)
  • Design for low temperature down to -50 ° C
  • Design pressure up to 300 bar
  • Customer-specific nozzle arrangement

Leaflet: E-5060 Single & Multicyclone Separator / Type VZA VMZA

High-performance cyclone separator, type VZA/VMZA


A high-performance cyclone separator VZA or VMZA is used to clean gas from dry and liquid contaminants. The design is carried out as a steel welded construction in vertical construction.


The single-stage high-performance cyclone separator uses the centrifugal principle to filter solid and liquid particles from the gas stream. With a corresponding ejection, it is maintenance-free. The gas flows through the inlet port into the filter housing and is guided radially in rotation by an axial cyclone or multi-cyclones. Coarse particles are centrifuged against the container wall by centrifugal force and slide into the lower dust and liquid collection chamber. In this case, the deposition efficiency increases with increasing specific density of the dirt particles and with increasing throughflow speed. Correspondingly, the pressure loss increases as the flow velocity increases. A centered immersion tube with paddle wheels carries the cleaned gas into the gas outlet. A shielding of the collecting chamber prevents the entrapped particles from becoming entangled and entrained.

Quality management

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified
  • Our standard equipment is tested according to AD 2000 and CE-certified according to the EC / PED 2014/68 / EU pressure equipment directive. The examination is carried out by authorized (TPI) third party inspectors (TÜV, Lloyd’s Register, etc.).
  • Test and material certificates are prepared by the TPI according to the design specification.


on demand

  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Level indicators / control
  • Drainage systems
  • bottom sump heating systems