Heat Exchanger, Type VEV/VEV-L
(natural gas heater, natural gas heat exchanger)


  • Optimal load case design
  • Flow stream optimized design
  • Vibration-optimized design


  • Customer-specific design for various design codes (ASME, EN 13445, SVTI, AS1210, PD5500 etc.)
  • Design according to TEMA
  • Customer-specific approvals
  • Customer-specific testings
  • Application for sour gas (NACE)
  • Design for low temperature down to -50 ° C
  • Design pressure up to 300 bar
  • Customer-specific nozzle arrangement

Leaflet: E-6015 Heat Exchanger / Type VEV

Heat exchanger, type VEV/VEV-L


Heat exchangers (heat exchangers) heat gas for a subsequent system requirement or to counteract the Joule-Thomson effect. For example, For example by pressure reduction in a gas-pressure control. Heat exchangers can also be determined in the reverse mode of operation as coolers. The design is carried out as a steel welded construction in vertical or horizontal design.


Heat exchangers VEV (vertical) or VEV-L (horizontal) operate as standard counter-flow heat exchanger for gaseous media. The gas flowing through the pipe is heated by the bypass flow of water or saturated steam. The flow around the pipes is optimized by baffle plates (baffle plates). The application of the heat exchanger and the heating medium determine whether the jacket side is pre-pressure-resistant. The tube bundle can be fixedly welded or dismantled.

Quality management

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified
  • Our standard equipment is tested according to AD 2000 and CE-certified according to the EC / PED 2014/68 / EU pressure equipment directive. The examination is carried out by authorized (TPI) third party inspectors (TÜV, Lloyd’s Register, etc.).
  • Test and material certificates are prepared by the inspectors according to the design specification.


on demand

  • Water SAV safety shut-off valve (water jacket pressure proof)
  • Water SBV safety relief valve (water jacket not pressure proof)
  • Rupture disc, water side (water jacket not pressure proof)