Differential Pressure Gauge,
Type DP900


  • high operating safety
  • robust, compact design
  • pressure resistant up to 350 bar
  • easy maintenance
  • flow direction selectable
  • drag indicator as standard
  • Dual scale bar / psi or mbar / kPa universally applicable
  • selectable display indicating range


  • Einsatz für Helium auf Anfrage
  • Kunststoffgehäuse
  • Edelstahlgehäuhelium application on demand
  • plastic housing
  • stainless steel housing
  • static pressure max. 450 bar

Leaflet: E-5080 Differential Pressure Gauge / Type DP 900

Differential pressure gauge, type DP 900


The differential pressure gauge DP 900 serves to monitor the differential pressure of filter systems, measuring systems, valves, coolers, heat exchangers, in petrochemical, as well as in gas and air systems. Preferably, the DP 900 is applicable for air and gas technical systems.

The gauge housing made from aluminum is designed compact and robust. It is pressure-resistant up to 350 bar.


A determined path of a freely movable piston measures the differential pressure. The piston retains against a compression spring. The magnetic spool-measuring device unit is been installed to the main housing.

The transfer of the piston path to the scale results by magnetic measuring method. A magnet attached to the drag follows a magnet integrated into the spool. Each position of the spool dedicates a scale constant. This principle of measurement value transmission guarantees an absolute separation of the measured value and the display and prevents leakage to the outside. A drag pointer indicates the maximum differential pressure to monitor and control the system. All devices are equipped with a double scale.

Quality management

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified


on demand

  • Reed contact, protection class IP 67
  • special scale
  • (EX) i separation stage – 1-, 2-channel
  • Bypass – valve block
    with / without integrated filter
    with / without mini measuring connection
  • fine filter / pre-filter
  • protection housing, class IP 65
  • Swagelok connectors
  • fitting installation kits, completely pre-mounted to install to our vessels